Meals de Colombia is a company that markets and manufactures frozen and refrigerated products through the CREM HELADO AND COUNTRY HILL brands. It has three production plants that are located in Bogotá, Manizales and Armenia. It is also part of Grupo Nutresa since 2006, which has 146 brands in its portfolio and is present in Latin American countries. Currently, Meals de Colombia has 1800 collaborators who are located in the 14 Warehouses and distribution centers that we have in Colombia. It is also the business with the greatest innovation in the group’s portfolio.


High demand for
innovation and new
Sourcing planning
processes not supported
in technology
Variability in demandPressure to reduce working
capital expenditures
High complexity
Opening of new
distribution points
Excel HellReduced delivery timesImbalances in the
inventory mix due to
high portfolio innovation
and the need for vehicle
Increase in the variety
of products
High seasonality in
your portfolio, during
the week and at
different times of
the year
Planning model not
approved in the business
Out-of-stock indicators
and inventory turnover
consistent with the
Obsolete inventoryMisalignment in
strategy (MTO / MTS)
Coverage-based priority
management system.
Important restrictions
on vehicle types for the
distribution of products


  • Reduction and stability in stock-outs by 24%
  • Reduction of lost sale by 19%
  • Reduction of inventory days by 4% (The business challenge was the compensation of stocks in its network)
  • Recovery of sales in season due to improvements in the PULL model of +400 thousand USD