Compañía Nacional de Chocolates is a leading company in the chocolate and snacks market in Colombia. Since 1920, it provides consumers with nutritious and reliable products, with recognized and relevant brands at all times of their lives.

They are part of Grupo Nutresa’s Chocolates Business, which has production plants in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru, with a vast distribution network, which allows them to be available with their product portfolio in the strategic region.

The supply chain has five production plants in Latin America and Colombia, with more than 40 production lines in two production plants, 300 suppliers, two distribution centers, reaching practically all Latin American countries.


Products available
in all locations
Profitable clients
for the business
Manage reference
growth (SKUs)
Decrease invested money
Have the sought
after flavors always
Receive a high level
of service
Be profitable in the productive
operation while maintaining high flexibility
Support the innovation model
Decrease obsolescence
That when you open a
package the product is
Help not have excess
Reduce the level of exhausted
in our clients
Absorb demand variability
Guarantee the
required profitability
Cost-effective productsDecrease response time to clients


  • Stock reduced by up to 20%.
  • Availability increase (<1% Stockouts) from 3%.
  • It allowed planners to see in real time and with color priorities and where to focus their energy. It is not necessary to review everyone, only those that require your attention.
  • It is a model that adapts to the nature of the business.